Firm History

We have never been a large law firm, but the history of our partnerships can be traced back to 1886. On this page you will find a timeline that displays the evolution of our firm and pays respect to the accomplished attorneys who spent their career serving the Twin Cities community.

Charles J. Tryon

The founder of our firm was born in 1855 in Batavia, NY and attended law school at Columbia University. He was admitted to the practice of law in Minnesota after arriving here in 1886. He established his practice in Minneapolis specializing in real estate, corporation and insurance law. Throughout his many years as a member of the Bar, he was known as the finest real estate title lawyer in the “Northwest”. In 1901, Wilbur F. Booth joined Mr. Tryon in the practice of law until 1909 when he became a Minnesota District Court Judge.


Tryon & Everett

John R. Everett served as an Assistant Examiner of Titles for Hennepin County, as Chairman of the Real Estate Section of the MSBA and, in 1947, as President of the Minneapolis Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.


Everett & Thiel

William F. Thiel was admitted to practice in 1933, joined the firm for his first professional position and practiced here for fifty-four years, retiring in 1987. Mr. Thiel served as Chairman of the Real Property Section and the Probate & Trust Law Section of the MSBA.


Everett, Thiel & Root

Charles W. Root, born in 1889 and admitted to practice in 1934, became a partner in 1952. Mr. Root served in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1945-1949, and the Minnesota State Senate from 1951-1961, where he was considered one of its most powerful leaders.


Thiel, Root & Sorenson

Russ Sorenson served in the United States Army and worked for the State Attorney General’s Office prior to joining the firm. Among other civic achievements, Mr. Sorenson was a founder of the Minnesota Association for Children with Learning Disabilities. He was the firm’s senior litigator until his death in 1992.


Thiel & Sorenson


Thiel, Sorenson & Hansing


Thiel, Sorenson, Thiel & Campbell

Alan C. Thiel joined his father’s firm upon being admitted to practice in 1976, securing the Thiel legacy. Both were highly regarded throughout their careers for their expertise in the areas of Real Property, Probate & Trust law, and corporate and business planning. The Thiels also dedicated much of their free time to civic leadership service and board membership. Alan Thiel retired from his practice in 2016 while still serving as Chair of the Real Property Section of the MSBA.


Thiel, Sorenson, Thiel & Campbell

Donald G. Campbell also joined the firm in 1976 and remained a partner until his retirement in 2013. He previously served as a Judge Advocate for the United States Air Force from 1959-1962 and began his long career as an Instructor of Business Law at the University of Minnesota in 1963.


Thiel, Sorenson, Campbell & Gunderson

Robert G. Gunderson was a former standout hockey player at Richfield High School and Colorado College. He joined the firm in 1984 and practiced in the areas of estate planning and small business law. Considered an expert in legal planning for people with disabilities, Mr. Gunderson provided services to many individuals and families by establishing guardianships and becoming one of the first to effectively utilize the Special and Supplemental Needs Trusts as part of the estate plan. He was a dedicated advocate and supporter of the disability community whose legacy endures to this day. Bob was regarded among the foremost authorities in that area of law until his death in 2009.


Thiel, Campbell, Gunderson, Anderson & Friedman

Jennifer Anderson joined the firm as an associate in 1985 and became a partner in 1993. She previously served as a court clerk to the celebrated U.S. District Court Chief Judge Miles W. Lord. Ms. Anderson became the managing partner of the firm in 2016.


Thiel, Campbell, Gunderson & Anderson


Thiel, Campbell, Gunderson, Anderson & Levine


Thiel, Anderson & Levine


Thiel, Anderson & Kukla

Joseph P. Kukla was drawn to the firm by its reputation of serving clients with disabilities and planning for their families. Becoming a partner in 2016, he has continued the firm’s legacy of support and advocacy for the disability community as one of the primary areas of practice for our attorneys.